Ayla of @aPurposefulWife Speaks on Modesty

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If you are a conservative Christian who values traditional living and don’t know Ayla, you are missing out. Ayla’s claim to fame was through her Twitter account with the handle @aPurposefulWife, the moniker under which she bravely and frequently vocalized her thoughts on the preservation of traditional living, traditional White/European culture, feminine anti-Feminist sentiments, her Mormon faith, and even organic gardening.

Ayla is big on modesty. Read one of her responses in an interview:

“I intentionally wear traditional and modest clothing. I feel it is important for a woman to present a feminine image to the public as a sign of her obedience to her Godly assigned gender and role. I make some of my clothing, most of it I buy from Thrift Shops. Modest clothing of any tradition, especially European is certainly lacking in the fashion industry but I am encouraged by the popularity of the retro clothing movement harkening back to the more elegant styles of the 1950s. I hope that trend continues and expands. My Mormon faith really only informs my clothing choices so far as I dress in a manner which covers my garments as Mormons are instructed to do, but frankly I dress much more modestly than most Mormon women I know. The recent trend among the younger women in my church seem to push and strain the limits of their garments in order to more closely reflect modern fashion trends such as sleeveless shirts or super short shorts. I’m more of an outlier in my Mormon community and the vast majority of my fellow Mormons think my manner of dress is strange.”

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