Is Modest Really Hottest?

Is Modest Really Hottest?

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Is Modest Really Hottest?

I want to start out by saying that being physically appealing and attractive in and of itself is not a bad thing. You either are born that way or have worked hard to get there, because physical fitness usually equals good health. However, that is not the issue in today’s discussion.

It has recently come to my attention the numerous websites (both blogs and stores) that have the word “modest” side by side with words like “hot” and “sexy.” The most famous of these combinations exists in the popular but ever so kitschy phrase “Modest is Hottest.”

Modesty in itself is difficulty to define, but there is very little doubt that the words “hot” and “sexy” are associated with sensuality and the celebration of it being public and open for all to see and take part in.  I see this as the opposite of modesty. The titles floating around the WWW are nothing but marketing tricks to shock and entice, and to make the word “hot” an acceptable description for a woman who chooses to be modest. It is neither funny nor appropriate. Be on guard against wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s not cool. It’s not even clever.

Let’s take the play Jesus Christ Superstar as another example of a title associated with religion but meant to entice for shock purposes. It’s taking something ancient and solemn and making it into something more relevant and loud. (Though I really personally like both the play and the music, to be honest.) Judging by the title itself however, there is no irony in putting Jesus’ name next to superstar. He is a superstar. He is the most famous and influential person who ever lived. The title is accurate, and to be offended by the title itself (not the play or the music) has very little grounds to stand on.

A woman who is modest may be truly physically hot or may be sexy, and that is great for her or her future husband, but that is besides the issue. However, it is never modest to call out this woman publicly by these words. This only encourages other males to use these words to describe women, regardless of their marital status and regardless of whether or not the woman in question is married to them. Are these words only to be used for women by women? Let’s not be that way. That’s just the same as discouraging males from gawking at women but encouraging women to gawk at men.

Sure, perhaps these companies and blogs who label themselves both “modest” and “hot” for all to see do this out of innocence. I am not quite sure about that, though. They might be as innocent as someone who goes to church half clothed or wearing an Ankh necklace.

I cringe every time sexual lingo enters in our vocabulary so readily that even children say “hot” to describe their toys. Swear words such as the F-word and many others like it defame sex, which is supposed to be holy and sacred and only for marriage, as God intended. Yet we see and hear the F word being used for things totally unrelated to sex. When we do this for words like “hot” and “sexy,” (the latter actually containing the root word sex in it), what kind of culture are we propagating?

Let’s cut it out, shall we?

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About the author: Rachel writes on godly femininity, womanhood, and natural beauty.

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3 thoughts on “Is Modest Really Hottest?

  1. Thank you so much for articulating what I’ve been thinking since I first heard the phrase “modest is hottest.” I concur wholeheartedly.

  2. great points ! very well written from the heart. We often use phrases and don’t realize what we are truly saying. When a friend says my outfit looks ” hot” I don’t take it as a nice compliment…even though that’s what they meant by it. I want to go change ( even if what I am wearing is truly modest ). It’s actually offensive because in our culture it’s what scantily clad women are called. We need to bring back terms like , beautiful & lovely . Let’s send our culture a message that our style choices can be attractive, modest and appropriate all at the same time.

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