Faith-based Health & Fitness Comes to Your Smartphone

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Modest women interested in health & fitness have a new place to find Bible verses for motivation.  Social mediais littered withimages of barely dressed women advertising exercise and health products. This kind of messaging does not encourage self-respect or healthy body image.Recently, programs like “The Daniel Plan” and “Made to Crave” have brought faith-based wellness into the mainstream.

“Prosper” is a brand new, free smartphone app designed for women who want health & fitness inspiration that puts God first and encourages respect for our bodies.


Prosper delivers encouraging quotes and Bible verses about health to help women feel inspired to love and care for their bodies. Users can explore natural wellness options, including healthy eating, movement, relaxation and positive mindset, with free 7-day wellness guides. Prosper is a new kind of app, putting faith first so users can experience inspired wellness every day. The app is completely free with no ads or purchases to interrupt your experience finding Bible messages.

The Prosper app features:

  • Faith-based encouragement promoting positive mindset and better health
  • Free spiritual and physical wellness coaching gone mobile, offering motivation and practical guides developed by experts, delivered direct by app or text
  • Topics include eating healthier, better sleep, relaxation, strength, fitness, meditation, and self-care
  • An easy way to share inspiration and offer encouragement and motivation to family and friends

Prosper is one of the first in a new category of Christian Wellness apps that complement diet, exercise and other health programs that women are already using by addressing the motivation gap. With Prosper, users can receive weekly, faith-focused text messages to support their personal health and wellness goals.  Find out more and get the free app at

What do you like about Prosper? What health, fitness, and wellness activities would you like to try?

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