My Favorite Modesty Hack

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There are several modesty hacks that I have which make shopping and especially dressing modestly easy. While each woman has her own secrets and hacks that she totes, there is no hack that compares to the one I will share with you today. The safety pin. That is right, the safety pin. This lowly often hard to find one when you need it item is my go to modesty hack, and today I am going to share with you my favorite ways to use this little item to optimum advantage.  safety pins 2

Button down shirt



The first way I use the safety pin is to keep button down shirts closed. Even when you buy your size there is always that uncomfortable gap that peaks open between the third and fourth buttons. Safety pin it shut with the pin running lengthwise.



The second way I like to use safety pins is as a static deterrent. I have a lovely coral maxi skirt that came lined with a slip, but the slip clings and collects static like nothing I have ever worn. To fix this problem I tried two things: stitching the slip down and adding a safety pin to the bottom of the slip. The safety pin acts as a magnet for the electron particles that cause static, and thus removes static and reduces cling.


Third, to shorten slits on skirts. Some skirts, have slits on the sides or on the back. While these skirts high slitsand dresses are cute, the slits are more often than not too high up the leg. Enter the safety pin. Pining together the sides reduces the length of the slit and offers more coverage over the leg.

Finally, the last way I like to use safety pins is to keep camisole straps in place. Camisoles are a great layering piece, but I find that the straps are a bit loose. So, I use smaller safety pins to pin them to my bra straps and tee shirts. This way everything stays in place and I’m not constantly fidgeting with my clothing.

Of all these ways, I use the safety pin as a static reducer the most. I highly recommend it and suggest that you keep a couple on your dresser. What are your favorite modesty hacks? Do you use safety pins, if so, how do you use them? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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