The Foundation of a Fabulous Wardrobe = UNDERGARMENTS!

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You can look everywhere for tips and tricks to make your wardrobe look up to date. There are hundreds of articles on the essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe, whether it is all year round or seasonal. While, I find these articles fascinating and sometimes inspiring, these are not the foundations of a wardrobe. They may be the basics or even the indulgent items that trend each year, but they are not the foundations of a wardrobe. The foundation to a fabulous wardrobe begins under all our clothes.

collage of bras

Undergarments, in particular bras, are the foundation of a great wardrobe. Far too often women wear the wrong bra. We, including myself, have made the terrible assumption that as long as the ladies are inside a bra they are supported. How wrong we all are. The most important step we should take is to get a professional bra fitting, however, I understand that many women live in areas where there are no professional bra fitters. To work around this inconvenience, I would like to share three things that every woman needs to look for when selecting and buying a bra.

Band Width.

The band of your bra should fit comfortably around your back and rest just beneath your shoulder blades. A properly fitted band width should also hook on the first set of hooks. If your bra’s band rests higher than the shoulder blade it is too tight. Any lower and the band width is too big. Another indicator that your band with is when you but clothes on. If you have the nasty back rolls and side rolls under and around your bra band, it is too tight. When trying on your bra put a shirt on over it and study it from all angles.


The Straps.

The straps should not be too tight. The straps should sit in the middle of your shoulders. The majority of support in a bra comes from your straps. There are two tests to determine if your straps are giving you the right amount of support. First, take two of your fingers and place them under the strap on your shoulder. If you can do this comfortably, then your straps are perfect. The second test is to notice where your breasts are located in proportion to your upper arm. If your straps are giving you the right support, then your breasts should be parallel to the middle of your upper arm. That is between the crook of the elbow and the arm pit.

The Cup.

Cup size is the last thing you need to look for. The most obvious sign that a cup size does not fit is if your breasts are spilling out all over the place. That is an indicator your cup size is at least two sizes too small. The second indicator is if your breasts peak out of the bottom. To determine if this is a problem, lift your breasts upwards while wearing your bra. If the bottoms of the breasts peak out, even just a little, your cup is one cup size too small. Finally, the center section should be resting nicely against your sternum. Remember the two finger test we did. Do the two finger test here as well. If you can fit two fingers between your sternum and the center section of the bra comfortably, you have the right cup size.

Finally, I urge you to take the time to invest in a properly fitting bra. A properly fitting bra will do wonders for your figure and your posture. When you are wearing the right bra there will be a difference in how your clothing fits and how you view yourself in clothing; all for the better. With the right size bra on, you can begin to build a beautiful, figure flattering wardrobe.


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