What Modest Clothing to Wear to a Holiday Party

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December is upon us and with December comes a slough of parties. Parties are one of the crowning glories of the holiday season, but knowing what to wear to a holiday party can be a bit stressful. Holiday parties exude an element of elegance, and deserve to be treated as an occasion. Regardless of the time of day the party is, dressing to the occasion is necessary. Knowing what to wear to a holiday party is not as stressful as it is made out to be. Simply remember the time of day and the location.

(During the holidays most parties will take place at the homes of our friends and family, and at work. These locations both require different dress codes, but there can be some cross over.)


Day Time Office Party.

These are often in the early to mid-afternoon hours, primarily during lunch. This is especially true at work. At work, keep in mind the office dress code and kick it up a notch. Wearing a skirt in a heavier fabric such as tweed or wool, with a blouse in a jewel tone or with a hint of shimmer is perfect for those work place holiday parties.

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Day Time Party with Friends.

For those holiday parties at a friend’s house or over the weekend, replace the wool or tweed skirt with a denim skirt in a dark wash. Dark wash denim skirts look better, dressier, and are more appropriate for an afternoon party than light wash denim skirt. Pair your dark wash denim skirt with a printed sweater or blouse (avoid at all costs the ugly sweater trend. There is nothing tackier than an ugly sweater whether it is intentionally or unintentionally done), and a colored blazer that goes with the color and pattern of the sweater or blouse. A pair of faux suede or faux leather high heeled boots in a neutral are ideal footwear for this event.



Late Afternoon Office Party.

To clarify, late afternoon is anywhere from 1pm to 5pm. This time frame as a few cross overs that will make the transition from work to party easier. If the work party takes place at a restaurant, a simple change of clothing and accessories would work. Try a skirt in a heavier fabric in a solid color like red with a simple top and a bold statement accessory or clutch. If you have the opportunity to change, a sequin skirt that hits at the knee with a sleek cowl neck sweater in a solid color, with a pair of matte heals is also appropriate.



Late Afternoon Party with Friends.

For a party at a friend’s house, the concept of the knee length sequin skirt with a solid sleek sweater, and a pair of heels is also acceptable. Dark wash denim with a blouse in a jewel tone or a sleek long sleeve sweater in a jewel tone and a pair of heeled boots is also appropriate.




Evening Office Party.

For work, evening parties take place at an alternate location. If the party is at the home of your employer, take the time to dress well, and give them the respect they deserve, but do not over do it. If the party is at a restaurant or hotel ballroom, be prepared to dress up. Invest in a good quality cocktail dress. It does not have to be knee length, a cocktail dress can be floor length. Focus on a dress that fits your body shape and height. Dresses in brocades and duchess satin will offer greater structure than most other fabrics and remain evening appropriate. Make sure your accessories are appropriate to the dress. If the dress has a lot of detail, minimize the accessories. If the dress is minimalistic, make it pop with metallic.

A cocktail dress in brocade or duchess satin at your friend’s party is entirely out of place and inappropriate for the location. However, you still need to dress up. A dress in a thicker knit, like a sweater knit or wool is acceptable, keep your accessories appropriate to the dress, but pair with heels. In this case a floor length sequin skirt with a sleek sweater and a clutch would be perfect. Especially if the clutch has simple detailing such as quilting, or has a matte finish.



Evening Party with Friends.

Although not as formal as the evening office party, dressing well for an evening party with friends takes just as much finesse. Sequin skirts are all the rage. For an evening party with friends, wearing a fine knit sweater or jewel tone blouse with a sequin maxi skirt and heels is a polished holiday party outfit. Likewise, a jewel tone maxi skirt and a neutral sweater or blouse will give off the same polished appearance. Like the office party, accessorizing with a clutch is the perfect way to complete your outfit.


Above all keep your attire appropriate for the time of day and the location. Give your holiday parties the elegance they deserve. When you keep these in mind, you will always know what to wear to your holiday parties.

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  1. You can adapt the modest clothing for particular choice or occasion. Such as holiday party, it is somehow a common occasion that means you can wear simple modest clothing, wearing this at such occasions definitely protects you from drinker’s bad eyes.

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