May 3: Modest Fashion Weekly Digest

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In the words of By Joanna Fuchs: Mom, “I wish I had words to tell how much you mean to me.I am the person I am today, because you let me be.” Mother’s Day is just five days away. It’s also next week’s deadline to submit your best blog post for this digest! Many of us learned how to dress modestly because of our mother’s example. We may not have followed her ways growing up. Some of us may not have had a good example, or even a mother at all. At least at this point of our lives, we ourselves, as women of God, have made a stand to be virtuous and modest in character and in our clothing. For all the mothers out there, bless you and thank you. This week’s digest is for you.

Modest Fashion Network is a brand new global community for fashionistas who honor their bodies by clothing themselves with dignity and purity.

If you’d like to be part of our weekly digest, head on over to Modest Fashion Network to apply and submit your blog posts every week.

Please visit our sponsors: Birthday Girl (suicide prevention awareness & store) – Galerie a la Modest



Thank you for the others who have participated by submitting your links! Feel free to submit another post! If you’d like to be this month’s featured store/website, please consider sponsoring for as low as $2.50/wk. Advertise with us.

Copy and paste the code below on a new blog post on your website to be published within 7 days. Not doing so will result in not being able to participate in future MFN activities.

CODE (Ctrl + A to copy) OR just copy and paste the post above to put on your blog (in a post)


Submit your original best modest fashion blog post! You can submit up to three posts from your own approved MFN blog. They must be your own writing and is recent (within two weeks of the deadline). Topics don’t have to be about modest fashion or fashion.

Remember, you must have the MFN badge on your homepage before submitting your post(s) AND you’ve put up the digest code in a new blog post if you were chosen the week before. You may not be included in this link round up if you have not done the requirements.

The top 5 links will be chosen by our reviewers. Links are chosen every week! Submissions for the next digest end on May 10, 2015 11:59pm EST.

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