vintage modest picnic style

Modest Summer Picnic Wear

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vintage modest picnic style

Every summer, around the middle of July, my church puts on an old-fashioned picnic. It is a Saturday filled with fun, food, and fellowship. For the better portion of the day, we come together to share food, chat, and play games like lawn bowling, bean bag toss, horse shoes, and the occasional 3 legged race. One year we even tried our hand at home made ice cream.
There is something wonderful and special about this picnic that brings out the best dressed in us all, and I am no exception. I love to dress to themes, and this old fashioned picnic is the perfect opportunity for me to dress up. There are three things to consider when putting together the perfect picnic outfit so that I remain comfortable, fashionable, and modest.

lawn bowling

1. Beat the heat.

The middle of July in the LC Valley can get raging hot- triple digits hot. So I make sure my dresses and skirts are light weight enough to accommodate the heat without compromising my modesty, even when I need to add a layer of lining. I also like wear blouses that need little to no layering.

2. Length.

I am rater competitive when it comes to games. Whether I am participating in a 3 legged race or a game of lawn bowling, the last thing I want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. I have found that keeping my skirts and dresses mid-calf to ankle length perfect for these occasions.

3. Move-ability.

Whether I am sitting chatting with friends or in the middle of some friendly competition, I need to have the freedom of movement. I prefer to avoid pencil skirts and floor length maxi skirts.

Personally, my preferred outfit is a lightweight tan gingham skirt with a pale pink V-neck tee, layered with a rose pink tee for modesty. I complete my ensemble with a pair of faux leather flats and floral print head wrap.

Picnic Wear

Beat the Heat, Length, and Move-ability. Three simple ways to get yourself picnic ready with room for creativity and without compromising modesty.

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