A Quick Guide to Style Types

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When it comes to style, many stylists will ask their readers and clients to define their style. This is always step one. Yet, if you do not know the words and how they fit with particular styles, step one is difficult to answer, let alone research. When researching  types of styles, I came across dozens of internet quizzes and step by step guides inner mixed with a variety of discussion boards. What is a girl to do? Frustrated, with the quizzes that will give you a wide range to describe your style type. I was equally frustrated with the discussion boards, I read. I read a lot, but what I read lead me to the 12 types of styles I want to share with you today.


Bohemian style is often associated with mixed prints, ponchos, embroidery, and are heavily influenced by gypsy and 1970s era clothing. Think tie-dye jeans, head wraps, paisley prints, peasant skirts, and non-traditional lines. Those who associate with the bohemian style are prone to purchase items in earth tones such as camel, brown, burgundy, and denim.


2. Artsy.

Individuals who are artsy use their clothing to show their creative qualities without being garish. They are more likely to prefer a printed graphic-think water color prints or mandala prints- with a blazer and a well cut jean. From time to time, those who associate with the artsy style type will make their own accessories and clothing items either from scratch or through repurposing an item. Color is not a problem is used, again, to show case creativity.


3. Chic.

This word is used a lot in the fashion world. It simply means “fashionable” or “trendy.” Those who prefer the chic style type share a lot of similarities with those who prefer the classic style type. They prefer clean lines, good quality clothing that is well tailored. Someone who is chic will pay more attention to cut and are more likely to get their clothing professionally tailored for a better fit. The color palette is heavily based in neutrals like black, charcoal, gray, and white.


4. Classic.

The classic style does share similarities with the chic style type. The classic style type will also focus on cut, quality, and tailoring. However, while the chic look is modern and streamlined, the classic style type tends to look a bit more comfortable. This style type will focus on creating balance and stability within the outfit. When it comes to accessories, think a string of pearls or diamond studs.


5. Exotic.

Think world travelers. Those who associate with this style type have an eclectic taste that heralds to other cultures. Colors and patterns are usually mixed with a variety of textures and designs such as embroidery, yet it is never garish. Lines tend to be flowy and non-traditional. Think ornate patterns, jungle prints, mosaics, with a smoky toned color palette.


6. Flamboyant.

This style type can often be seen as being dramatic or over dramatic. It is easy to get carried away with this style and become garish through the mixing of unique and exaggerated accessories and color blocking bold colors such as orange and red. Lines are often exaggerated a-lines and are embellished with flounce, fringe, and sequins. It is often intense, loud, and bold.


7. Romantic.

This style type takes a little bit from the 1970s with high heels, platforms and the occasional bell sleeve. This style is focused on flowing lines as well as classic lines. Think tulle skirts, floral hair accessories, and soft color palettes


8. Western.

I live in the western US where cattle ranches and farms abound. Therefore, I cannot talk about types of styles without mentioning western wear. Blue jeans, layered maxi skirts, jean jackets, cowboy boots, and hats, big buckles, plaid and gingham button downs, and the standard cowboy hat all make up this style type’s closet. It heralds from the need for functionality. Denim jackets are often replaced with heavy weight suede or brown leather jackets.


9. Traditional.

The traditional style type is practical and appropriate for the occasion. Think the “girl next door” image and you will have an idea where the traditional style type is headed. Think time honored favorites, simplicity, plaid button downs, and the little black dress.


10. Whimsical.

The whimsical style type is all about the big four: Color, Pattern, Texture, and Shine. However, like the flamboyant style type, when the big four are done incorrectly it will make the individual look outlandish and garish. Yet, when done correctly, it adds visual interest to the outfit. The color palette is often bright when some softer tones and neutrals added here and there. Shoes and other accessories are often an extension of this look. Think colored denim with printed tops.


11. Sophisticated.

The sophisticated style type enjoys clean lines, classic pieces made with great quality and well tailored. This style type tends to look rich and plays well with softer tones and neutrals. The accessories are often the focal point of the outfit with bold statement necklaces and stacked bangles.


12. Preppy.

The preppy style type is one that is often over looked. This style likes clean lines, and good quality, but without the high price tag. Often the preppy style will cater to printed tops, sweaters layered over button downs, a-line skirts, tights, and modernized oxfords.


If you are in a place where you are trying to define your style I suggest you compare the items in your closet with the descriptions in this list. Often you will find that your closet will fit more than one style type category. You may find yourself surprised with the outcome.


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